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The much anticipated 5.0 update went live on 7th November 2015 and has so far proved popular with CoT users old and new. The new update introduced a new and redesigned sky mesh group which further enhanced the unique cloud textures with more depth and better blending. A new sun and sunglare texture also came with the package as well as 3 new night modules. Finally, many lighting improvements and fixes have been included meaning 5.0 is by far the best CoT to date.

If you haven’t already downloaded 5.0 then get it here.


Good morning,  good evening, wherever you may be.  My name is James Connolly (jjc71)  creator of Climates of Tamriel.  With the release of version 5.0, it really brought home to me just how well received Climates of Tamriel has been since its inception back in 2012.  I created the mod first and foremost, and somewhat selfishly for myself.  I needed my Skyrim weather and lighting to have emotion, be moody,  be thought provoking, to simply be more bloody interesting than the default game.  Over the course of the weeks and months during development, it grew.  It grew into something that I just knew I had to share with the rest of the community.   I didn’t think that it would become as popular as it has and even today, I’m still blown away by the warmth, encouragement and support I have received from fellows modders and friends.

Thank you


My favourite screenshot.

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