What is COT?

What is Climates of Tamriel and what does it do?

Climates of Tamriel is a weather and lighting overhaul for Skyrim.

  • Adds a new and redesigned sky mesh group, creating better sky depth and cloud visuals
  • Adds a massive 506 new weather systems
  • Adds 2024 stunning & unique days, sunsets, sunrises and nights
  • Adds new high quality cloud textures creating beautiful realistic skies
  • Adds fork lightning to the skies above
  • Adds new thunder sounds
  • Adds new sun, rain and sunglare textures
  • Adds new and unique lighting created entirely from scratch
  • Adds natural, atmospheric and fantasy lighting technique
Here are some of my favourite CoT images from around the web
Check out these excellent promo videos created by Joshua Ezzell & Alpha3Viking


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